5 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring a Restoration Company 

1. Water damage can be deceptive. 

Water can penetrate into the cavities of a structure, creating pockets of saturation. This can cause the structure of your home to shrink, split and deteriorate. Experienced and certified restoration professionals can determine if significant water damage has occurred with sophisticated moisture detection meters. Do not attempt to clean and restore your home after water damage. 
2. Immediate action is the key! 

Immediate remediation is the most important component in controlling the damage and costs of your restoration project. Leaving significant water damage for any amount of time can lead to further structural damage and mold growth. 
3. Do not attempt to clean and restore your home or business after water damage! 

Attempting to clean up water damage yourself could result in improper drying and restoration of the flooring, carpet, pad, sub-flooring and structure, which could lead to further damage and potential mold growth. 
4.  Check references! 

Anyone can tell you that they have a great restoration company. However, what they tell you may not be totally accurate. Make sure to ask for references from previous customers or read some reviews online about any company you are considering. 

5.  Picking an inexperienced contractor can damage your home and your wallet. 

Be sure to check the credentials of any company your are considering. There are many different types and levels of restoration certification and picking a company without experience or certification can lead to higher costs for sub-par work.